Rainbow Marbles Cards

Marbles (also known as Pegs & Jokers) is a fantastically fun family racing to get home game!

NOTE This is a SINGLE deck of cards equivalent to two poker decks of cards!

Marbles (or Pegs and Jokers) is a beloved game enjoyed by millions played with a specialty board and normal poker cards where several of the cards have special abilities within the game. This deck of cards takes the guess work and memorization out of the mix by providing a set of specialty cards where each card defines what it does within the game. For example the 8 states that you move 8 backwards. The fun is intensified with these easy to read and colorful cards. If you love marbles you need to purchase these cards.

This is also great for new players trying to learn how to play taking the need to constantly ask or make mistakes completely out of the picture.

Whatever the reason order your copy today here at the designer link or select from the items listed below.

The rainbow cards come in two different options:

Note: for an extra dollar at checkout they will ship it in a cool plastic box for storage of cards.

If you are in need of detailed rules to Marbles you can check out Pegs and Jokers Rules.

Number of Decks Needed:

  • 1 Deck : Great deck but doesn’t support any players
  • 2 Decks : 4-6 Players
  • 3 Decks : 8-10 Players

Also this does not include the board and marbles. If you are in need you can purchase a great one at Conifer Wood Creations Etsy Store