About Us

Laughing Rain Dancer is a company committed to bring families and friends around a table for fun, fellowship, and deepening connections. We were born out of one man’s love for God and gaming. We are excited about what the future holds

I have been creating Christ centered content for over twenty years having first created a Christian CCG back when Magic The Gathering was new. Later I went on to create a kids friendly game called The Candy Man. While not realizing it at the time, I was creating these items to provide a safe family friendly and Christ honoring way to bring people to the table to sit and enjoy each other in fellowship, love and fun. That is when I discovered that there are others who are just as interested as I am and decided to create the company Laughing Rain Dancer.

​If you are interested in where the name is coming from it all comes from God in one way or another. Laughing because of a testimony I heard about a man who when God told him to laugh realized that while laughing he could take his eyes off of the problem and back on Jesus. Rain dancer come from my favorite saying “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain!” Feeling like that describes the Christian walk, I used that in the name. Finally it is a nod to my mom who was a quarter Native American. So the name is all about honoring my mother and my God while I create things that also honor them.

Still curious about the name, well I made a short video to describe where it comes from:

The logo comes from my love of owl’s and a love of my heritage.


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